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About us

Rebel Fisherman Referrals utilizes personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, social media marketing, email marketing, direct marketing publicity and may also include event marketing.

“Our Mission”
The Lord and our love of fishing is what drives us daily!  We’re here to share HIS word and the testimony, posts and praise of those that share in our love of the sport and most importantly, for Him!

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Meet the Team

Randy Elliott

Founder & CEO

Director of Marketing
Analyzing research and developing marketing strategies in collaboration with clients and colleagues since May, 2013
L Kay Elliott

Founder & CEO

Content Project Manager, Marketing Research Strategist, Web Developer – Developing & Maintaining Engaging Websites Since 2013

Looking For Fishing Gear or Event Supplies?

If you’re looking for fishing gear, tackle and supplies, we look forward to providing  you with unique and affordable gear! Our product catalog contains awesome fishing supplies for any season, fundraiser or event!

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